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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Advice for Buying a Home in Galesburg, Michigan


Some advice for buying a home in Galesburg, Michigan to those new to the community would be to work with an experienced Realtor that knows the area.  One of the best things about Galesburg, Michigan is that it is located between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, on the North side of the Kalamazoo River off M-96.  

Rural Development loans are a good choice for first time home buyers in Galesburg, Michigan.

This makes the community accessible to both larger cities, but still classified as a rural community according to the US Department of Agriculture maps for Single Family homes in their Rural Development loans programs. 

The Rural Development loan program is the best first time home buyer program in existence right now for first time home buyers, and it is my best advice for buying a home in Galesburg, Michigan.  When you are using this program, it allows you buy the home for 100% financing, requiring no down payment. 

It also allows for the seller to pay for up to 6% in closing costs, and you can even roll certain repairs into the loan if they are eligible per the program. 

So Galesburg, Michigan completely qualifies for this program, and it has enabled many new

Buying a home in Galesburg, Michigan is easy when working with an experienced Realtor.

 buyers to become home owners because of it.  If you do not qualify for the USDA Rural Development loan program, then the next best advice for buying a home in Galesburg, Michigan is to look into the FHA loan program. 

This one is similar in many ways to Rural Development, but it requires just a 3 ½ down payment from the buyer.  There is also the FHA 203k program, which is a version of the main FHA loan, but it allows for certain repairs to be included in the loan.  This type of loan can be more difficult, so it is usually good advice for buying a home in Galesburg, Michigan that USDA Rural Development be explored first. 

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Galesburg is conveniently located between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

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