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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Basic Snow Removal Tips


During the winter months in most Northern state in the U.S., we have to deal with the removal of snow in order to get around.  Mother Nature does not follow a predictable time schedule, and snowfall is never planned, so it helps to know some basic snow removal tips

In fact, snowfall can frequently catch you at an untimely moment, but there are some

This is a wider snow shovel. Notice where the handle joins the blade.

 basic snow removal tips that might help:

1) When shoveling, avoid filling the shovel full and overloading it and then lifting it and tossing it.  You might find that you get a lot more done, and a little faster, but you can risk injury to your back, hands or wrists.  Instead, fill the shovel half full when you need to lift and toss it, and bend your knees as you go along to ease pressure on your back.

2) A good item to add on my list of basic snow removal tips is to push and scrap the shovel along, as opposed to lifting and tossing whenever possible.  I can do an entire stretch of sidewalk in front of my house with a good wide blade if it is soft snow, without ever having to lift a shovel full at the end.  There is actually a special type of show shovel called a ‘snow pusher’ which has a wide blade and is awesome for this type of snow removal.  It does a pretty good job up to about 14 inches deep.

3) Wear gloves, hats and a scarf if you are going to be out awhile shoveling your driveway. 

This is a snow pusher. Notice where the difference in where the handle joins the blade.

 Keeping warm is a key to efficiency.  Also, if you are using a snow blower or snow plow, wear protective eyewear and especially gloves, as you might hit debris in the snow drifts that can become projectiles. 

4) If you know from the forecast ahead of time that you are going to get a heavy snowfall over night, spread salt or another form of ice melting products over the walkways and your driveway before you go to bed.  When you have to shovel in the morning, it will not stick to the ground and be easier to shovel away when you get up.

5) Plan your mornings to get ready to go an extra half hour before you normally have to go on heavy snowfall days.  There is nothing like being in a rush and opening the garage door and seeing that you have two feet of snow to shovel before you can get out of the driveway.  Trying to shovel a lot of snow in a hurry can make one get careless and be at risk of injury, so a little planning goes a long way.  Pay attention to weather reports and get in the habit of looking outside during heavy snowfall periods before setting your morning alarm clock. 

That concludes my short list of basic snow removal tips for this time.  I hope these come in handy, and I hope everyone who has to shovel stays safe this winter!  Oh!  And stay warm too!

This shovel has a crooked handle designed to help ease lifting and bending over.

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