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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Boardwalk Plaza in Downtown Allegan, Michigan


A view of the beautiful lake and boardwalk in Allegan, Michigan.

A place that I visited this summer was Boardwalk Plaza in downtown Allegan, Michigan.  It is also known as ‘Riverfront Plaza’.  What most impressed me were the boardwalks that wound around behind some retail and commercial buildings on one side, and the other side was this beautiful lake. 

Boardwalk Plaza in downtown Allegan is nicely landscaped, and quite picturesque.   There is a public gazebo for weddings, and the lake has a great backdrop in itself. 

No article about Boardwalk Plaza in downtown Allegan, Michigan would be complete without mention of the old iron bridge, which has quite a history in the town.  It used to be a two lane bridge until concerns about its strength became a matter of community debate when City Council members suggested the idea of removing the old bridge for over safety concerns. 

The iron bridge in downtown Allegan near the boardwalk and riverfront.

The members of the community organized and fought the decision, and the bridge has been preserved as a one lane bridge and remains to this day one of the unique features just off of the Boardwalk Plaza in downtown Allegan, Michigan

When you are traveling around Southwest, Michigan I recommend a stop there during the summer or fall.  You can have a relaxing ice cream on the benches, and admire the beautiful scenery of the Boardwalk. 

As a Realtor that travels a lot all over Southwest Michigan, Allegan is one of the places I have most enjoyed stopping at.  For property information around Allegan, you can contact me through my website at: or call me directly at 269-441-8182 and I can arrange to send you active for sale listing information in the area. 

Having a beautiful area like Boardwalk Plaza in downtown Allegan, Michigan is a great community draw, and it is refreshing to see a community take pride in its tourism. 

A view of the fountains and boardwalk in Allegan.

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