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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Buying a Home in Barry or Eaton Counties in Michigan


Working as a Realtor in the area of Southwest Michigan, there are a few things to consider when buying a home in Barry or Eaton Counties in Michigan.  These two counties are mostly rural areas, and they have a combined health department. 

Homes in Barry or Eaton County are required to have a well and septic inspection before a point of sale transfer can be recorded.

What this means is that they share the same policies on well and septic inspections for the two counties, and they have requirements that no home with a well and/or septic in either county can have a transfer of sale without undergoing and passing an examination by the combined health department. 

So when buying a home in Barry or Eaton Counties in Michigan, one needs to factor this in, especially as a cost, because many times banks with foreclosures refuse to cover the expenses.  So if you are looking at distressed property, like a foreclosure, this can be an unexpected cost. 

Not knowing many times until the septic is uncovered and parts of the system examined

Rural homes typcially are on well and septic systems.

 does one learn if repairs or upgrades are going to be required by the Barry-Eaton County health department, and thus this unknown condition can make it somewhat of a gamble. 

However, not only with buying a home in Barry or Eaton Counties in Michigan does this come into effect, but also if you are a seller.  If you have lived in your home for year, and have had no problems with the well and septic, you could still be surprised to receive a list of repairs from this inspection. 

So consulting with a Realtor in advance of selling is essential to line up the professionals to look at system records, and former tests to gain insight into what can be expected from an inspection by the health department. 

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