Southwest Michigan Realtor

By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Buying a Home is Easy in Southwest Michigan


Buying a home is easy in Southwest Michigan. Many first time home buyers come to me with the look of utter uncertainty about how they would ever go about it. Becoming a home owner seems to consist of so many unknowns, that they do not know where to begin.

Buying a home in Southwest Michigan can be easy.

A recent example of a young lady that contacted me through my website at: http://www.michaeldelaware.comwas of the same idea.

She filled out one of my information forms on the website, and forwarded it to me. I received it and called her within a half hour of her having sent it to me. After a short conversation with me, she soon began to believe that buying a home is easy in Southwest Michigan.

Here is the timeline on how I worked with her to make her see that buying a home is easy in Southwest, Michigan. She contacted me through the website on August 20th, I called her. I connected her up with a local lender, after assessing her needs. She was pre-approved for a loan by August 23rd, and we went looking for homes.

We wrote a total of three separate offers, and were not successful on the first two, but the third we were successful. We just got the home completed and under contract on September 5th, and she will likely close on the loan and be able to move in sometime between the end of September and mid October.

As a Realtor, I not only helped her see that buying a home is easy in Southwest Michigan, but she also is realizing that it does not have to take a long time to find the perfect house for her and her family!

So, it is true that buying a home is easy in Southwest Michigan, and as a local Realtor, I would like to offer my services to you and your family too. Just take a minute to visit my website: http://www.michaeldelaware.comand see for yourself.


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