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Dogwoods Grow in Southwest Michigan

February 4, 2013 by Michael | 0 comments

Although as of this writing, it is too early in the year for dogwood trees to bloom, I thought I would share some photos of one I captured last season.  The dogwood tree has a unique

A Dogwood bloom.

A Dogwood bloom.

flower that has always captured my attention.  It is hard to overlook in a forest when one is going for a nature walk.

The dogwood tree is classified as Cornus Florida.  Its dense wood has been used for a variety of small hand made items from dulcimers to laminated tennis rackets and walking canes.  The bark is sometimes used in combating malaria, as it is rich in tannin.  It has also been used for larger items such as basket for pressing fruit and wine.

Ultimately, however, I merely love coming across one when it is in full bloom in a quiet forest, and taking time to admire its beauty.

Dogwoods blooming in a Southwest Michigan forest.

Dogwoods blooming in a Southwest Michigan forest.

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