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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Cerealfest is an Annual Tradition in Battle Creek, Michigan


Cerealfest in Battle Creek, Michigan is a popular regional Annual Event.

Last weekend the city of Battle Creek hosted the annual Cerealfest in downtown on June 11th.  It was moderately cool weather, and it turned into a great outdoor event.  The Cerealfest is now over 100 years old, and is also known as ‘The World’s Longest Breakfast Table’.  It features free breakfast for thousands of people on the street for a summer morning, and the cereal is donated by Kellogg’s, Ralston Foods and Post. 

I have attended this outdoor event every year since I have lived in Battle Creek, Michigan.  To me it marks the beginning of summer officially for the region, and it is one of my most favorite outdoor events to take part in.  Thousands of people walk the streets, eat cereal, and sit on picnic tables.  Live entertainment it provided, and even games for the kids to partake in.

The mascots from the various cereal companies wander the streets for photo

Free cereal for thousands of people, especially kids!

opportunities, and everyone in general has a good time.  It is a piece of Americana that is a benchmark event for the city that refers to itself as ‘The Breakfast Capital of the World’.  You will never go hungry at the Cerealfest, as long as you like cereal. 

On some years, if you got there early, there were free bananas, pop tarts and juice.  Every year is different.  This year for the 2011 Cerealfest, they held the event at the West end of downtown near the McCamly Park area because the main road into downtown was torn up from construction.  The extra space in the park allowed them to add hotdog and hamburger stands, and even a lemonaide stand to fit everone’s taste. 

Walking around the Cerealfest this year, I decided to create a video to put on my YouTube Channel, and share with everyone.  Writing about the good things in my community is important to me, and Battle Creek, Michigan deserves recognition for putting on this fabulous event. 

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