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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Country Homes in Southwest Michigan



Country Homes in Southwest Michigan can offer a lot of privacy, as well as additional changes in lifestyles.

Country homes in Southwest Michigan are a popular type of home for all kinds of prospective buyers.  First time home buyers and seasoned buyers alike seek these types of settings for the privacy, quiet and room to stretch their legs that country homes offer. 

For new buyers to country homes in Southwest Michigan, there are several distinct differences that these homes have, that differ from their urban neighbors.  Country homes in Southwest Michigan usually have limited community services that urban areas offer, such as adequate snow plowing in the winter time. 

Also, the burden of lawn care and snow plowing are usually your responsibility.  So having

Lawn care and snow plowing can become large jobs with Country homes.

 a home with a lot of acreage, and a long driveway, could mean you need to invest in a snow plow or have a resource in the area that will plow you out on mornings with heavy snow.  Country homes in Southwest Michigan with large rolling hills of grass lawns will mean you should invest in a riding lawn mower, or once again have someone you hire for this. 

Another aspect of country homes in Southwest Michigan is that they are usually on a well and septic system.  This has some advantages, and disadvantages.  The advantage is you have no city water or sewer bill.  The disadvantage it these systems require maintenance, such as well pump cleaning and septic system pumping every few years.  Also, if the power goes out, your well running on electricity will require some sort of back-up power like a generator. 

Living in a country home is an appeal to many buyers.

So these are just some aspects to country homes in Southwest Michigan that one needs to take into account.  Homeowners insurance can also be more expensive in terms of premiums if you are located a sizeable distance from a fire department, and emergency calls to your home from any service can be challenging if you live on an unpaved, or seldom plowed road during the winter months. 

So besides the advantages of privacy, and quiet that these homes offer, there are these other factors to consider with country homes in Southwest Michigan.  A well informed buyer knowing this up front will be able to make the decision if this if acceptable to them. 

For more information on country homes in Southwest Michigan, contact me through my website at or call me direct at: 269-441-8182.  As a local Battle Creek area Realtor, I have sold many country homes in Southwest Michigan, in all the surrounding Counties and can help you choose the best location for you.

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