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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Creating a Level Playing Field for the First Time Home Buyer


 In today’s market, seven out of 10 home buyers must borrow money to buy a home. For aspiring homeowners who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to buy a home outright, tax benefits like the mortgage interest deduction helps them begin building their future through homeownership.

Interest deductions benefit first time home buyers, and can be an incentive to buy a home.

According to a report in the National Tax Journal, “the distribution of property ownership is skewed towards those who already have accumulated wealth to begin with; the mortgage interest deduction counters the tendency toward further skewing.”

The MID also helps homeowners who don’t take the deduction by helping maintain the structure of home values. Without it, the value of higher priced homes would fall, putting downward pressure on lower priced homes, as well.

In the Southwest Michigan Market, the home values have fallen considerably over the

Home prices have never been lower for buying a home.

 whole region as the State has experienced a great deal of job loss in recent years.  Keeping opportunities for buyers and incentives to buy a home in the forefront will often be the inspiration for a new prospective home buyer to take the first step towards homeownership.  Despite the struggling economy, owning a home is still a viable and stable component to building a solid financial future for anyone. 

Additionally, with the values in home prices having fallen, it is the best time to buy in history if you can qualify for a loan.  Working with an experienced local Realtor that knows the market, and can assist you with valuable contacts to local lenders who are on top of the cutting edge loan programs is essential to your success. 

I have some many homes, especially to new home buyers, helping them navigate through all the barriers our current economic climate produces.  For more information on how to become a homeowner, contact me through my website at: or call me directly at: 269-441-8182.  I would like to help you take your first steps towards home ownership.

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