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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Crystalline Trees in Southwest Michigan


On December 29th, 2010 I was driving through Bedford towards Augusta, Michigan in the Southwest, and I could not help but notice the beautiful display of Mother Nature with crystalline trees

Crystalline Trees along the road to Augusta in Southwest Michigan - December 2010.

The trees were all icy, and the branches were white against a blue sky.  Perhaps it was the blue sky that made them stand out so?  Whatever the case, I could not help but be enamored with the wonder of their beauty and snap a few photos from the road.  Later on in the day, the weather had warmed up and changed and the artistry of Mother Nature was gone, but I still had the memory. 

Later on in the evening, my wife came home from work, and although it had been several hours since I saw the crystalline trees, she commented on them.  She asked me if I had seen them, and she too was impressed with their beauty.  It is hard to see it fully in these photographs, but the branches sparkled as you drove by, and they were against the blue sky back drop, so they were ever so stunning. 

Being a Realtor in Southwest Michigan, I frequently find myself driving all over the

To create this icy trees effect it takes a perfect combination of wind, moisture and freezing temperatures.

 countryside and I have seen many beautiful displays of nature.  However, this particular winter display takes the right combination of dew, melting and freezing with a sudden clearing away of the clouds to make the show that we saw yesterday.  So I attribute the beauty to the wonders of winter in the hands of Mother Nature, and just enjoy this during the week between Christmas and New Years. 

I just wish I had been able to get more close up photos, but I had an appointment to get to and so I had to shoot the photos while I drove by them.  Still, I hope I was able to capture some of the crystalline trees for you from beautiful Southwest Michigan!

Mother Nature displays her beauty in winter with icy crystalline trees - December 2010.

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