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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Download: ‘Land Contract Homes for Investors’ for Free Today!


In December of 2012, I published two books on the subject of Land Contract homes.  They are both available in the Kindle eBook format on Amazon.  The first book is entitled: Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream.  It covers the basic subject for both buyers and sellers, and help one understand the fundamentals of how they work, how to structure them and where best to find them.  TheLand Contract Homes for Investors second book is entitled: Land Contract Homes for Investors.  This book covers the subject from an investor point of view, and how to provide Land Contract Homes as a form of seller financing, and make it a great investment opportunity while doing so.  Both books are regularly available for just $2.99 each.

As a special promotion, I am making my book: Land Contract Homes for Investors available for free today on Amazon.  You can click on the link on the book title here, or on the image of the book to download you copy free today (March 9th, 2013) and avail yourself of this information to get you started as an investor.  I ask in return that when you go to the link, you take a moment and click on the ‘Like’ button to encourage others to also look into my books in the future.  Additionally, if you could author a positive review of your own for my book, I would greatly appreciate it.  You can do this on this link as well.

Land Contract homes have long been in use, and understanding their benefit to investors is a information that I always wanted to share.  There is tremendous potential in this form of seller financing, and this book: Land Contract Homes for Investors explores this potential.  It covers the different scenarios, and even addresses capital gains, finding properties, screening buyers, and structuring the land contract so everyone wins.

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