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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Hockey is Part of Southwest Michigan Culture


Hockey is a popular sport all over Michigan.

Hockey is part of Southwest Michigan culture, as it is likewise in many of the Northern U.S. States. The winter sport of choice for many kids growing up is hockey. Perhaps it is the fast pace, and the speed of the game has drawn many people to the game and made it a part of popular culture.

Here in Southwest Michigan, we have many hockey teams in various leagues, and I could not begin to tell you about all of them, much less the differences in the leagues. The Kalamazoo area has the Wings (also known as K-Wings) which are a double ‘AA’ league, and Battle Creek has the Revolution which is a single ‘A’. Other communities around Southwest Michigan have teams of their own.

Hockey is a sport that is very popular in Michigan as a whole, and there are literally

Hockey is a fast paced game with a lot of action.

 hundreds of teams all over the State. The most popular being the NHL team the ‘Red Wings’.

Recently I attended a few local hockey games with the Battle Creek Revolution. I filmed a lot of clips, and compiled it into a 6 minute video, which I have included in this article. I feel this short film personifies the good, the bad and the ugly of hockey, which has been drawing fans to the arenas for decades.

Hockey is a sport that does not appeal to everyone, and it is impossible to fully understand the excitement of a heavily contested hockey game unless you see one live. It is much faster paced than any other sport, and much more challenging to film, believe me on that one. I missed filming some very exiting goals and actions shots because it happened too fast for me to swing my camera to the action.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the attached video, and this brief article on one of our States favorite sports.

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