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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Land Contract Homes for Investors: Download My eBook for Free


New LC II Cover 4In December of 2012, I published two eBooks on the subject of Land Contracts in a Kindle format on Amazon.  The first title was: Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream.  This covered the basics of the subject, bot both buyers and sellers to understand not only the mechanics of how they work, but also how to structure them, where to find them, etc.  The second book I released is entitled: Land Contract Homes for Investors and this book specifically serves as an information guide to investors who might consider selling a home on Land Contract.

Both of these books are available on Amazon, and have been selling very well since their release.  Today only (February 14th, 2013) I am making available the book: Land Contract Homes for Investors for free on Amazon.  One can just click on the link of the book cover image and be take to where you can download it for free.  I am making this available to help new investors who want to get a start.  I would ask that when you visit the link that you take a moment to ‘Like’ it while there by clicking the ‘Like’ button.  Also, when you are done reading the book, if you could return and post a positive review for others to read as well.

Land Contract Homes are an area of interest to many who are struggling with difficult financial times.  These books help to provide understanding on how Land Contracts can be used to achieve the goal of home ownership for those who need a period of time to recover their finances.  I hope that if you are reading this, you will spread the word to others about my books on the subject, and take advantage of the free copy available today.  I wish you the all the best.

This new edition has updated links, and a new cover design as well!

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