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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Last Day! Download the eBook: ‘Land Contract Homes for Investors’ for free!


I am making my Kindle format eBook: Land Contract Homes for Investors available for free download on Amazon for one more day.  Today (March 10, 2013) you can click on the image of this book, and go to Amazon to download your free copy of this book today.  This book covers the subject of Land Contract Homes from an investor perspective, and gives insight into how to make such an investment successful.

It is the companion book to the first book entitled: Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream which was released just before this one in December 2012.  This first book covers the subject for both the buyer and seller, andLand Contract Homes for Investors make the subject understandable and offers a basic outline of a Land Contracts use and application.

If you choose to download your free copy of Land Contract Homes for Investors, I would ask that you also click on the ‘Like’ button near the book down load area to share this with others.  Additionally, when you are done reading it if you will come back to this link and write an positive review that will help share this valuable information with others, I would greatly appreciate it.

Land Contracts have long been in use in our country as a form of seller financing, however, the potential to the investor has not been fully realized.  This book seeks to open some doors of understanding on the potential of utilizing land contracts as a means to further ones investment portfolio, and at the same time help others enjoy the opportunities of home ownership.  It is a book that not only discusses the investment potential in an easy to read format, it also discusses the details of the components of the contracts themselves, as well as how to screen a potential buyer, market and sell the homes.

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