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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Manufactured Homes in Michigan


There are important basic things to know about buying manufactured homes in Michigan.  A ‘Manufactured Home’ is essentially a home that was build offsite at a factory, usually in 2 parts, and then brought to a rented lot or a parcel of land. 

Manufactured homes require an engineering inspection when transferring ownership.

The home’s two parts are commonly put together on a pre-poured or cement block foundation.  It is important to note that the homes two halves have a ‘certification label’ which is a metal plate affixed to outside corner of each section.  These certification labels have to be attached to the home, one on each side, if the home is ever to be re-sold.  Sometimes homeowners do not realize the importance of these metal plates, and in residing a house or painting they remove them and discard them.  If these are missing at time of re-sale, replacements will have to be obtained through the State of Michigan. 

An additional identification for the home is the ‘Data Plate’ which in fact is a paper label

Manufactured homes are assembled in two halves.

 affixed inside the home and is located either inside a kitchen cabinet, an electrical panel or a bedroom closet. 

This data plate will contain the name and manufacturing plant in which the home was manufactured, the serial numbers and model designation, and the date the unit was manufactured.  It will also contain a statement which references that the home was built in accordance to the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards codes, among other data pertinent to the home. 

Financing manufactured homes in Michigan requires that the certification label and data plate be intact in the house.  Fewer lenders these days have loan programs for this type of home, but there are still some available. 

Manufactured homes are common in rural areas.

Manufactured homes in Michigan

are required to have an engineering and foundation inspection, and new laws require the home be tied down with straps to this foundation as recommended by the engineer.  Finally, homes built before June 15th, 1976 are ineligible for financing with most lenders, so if you are looking at a home built earlier, it will most likely be a cash transaction. 

There are many other aspects to buying and selling manufactured homes in Michigan, so you should work with a Realtor that knows the process and local lenders who can work with you on a loan. 

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Manufactured homes can be challenging to finance, but can be done with an experienced Realtor and lender.

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