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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

One has to remove distractions and make your home attractive…


When a home is on the market for sale, it is important to offer a presentation that is the most appealing to the prospective buyer.  One has to remove distractions and make your home attractive.

One has to assume the viewpoint of the prospective buyer when presenting a home.

There is an old saying that ‘one never lives in a museum, but we expect to see one when we go look at other peoples houses’.  This is unfortunately true, and despite how frustrating this may be to the seller, it is important to the buyer who it looking. 

Strange or odd odors, colors, noises or clutter can all be a turn off, even though many times these things will never be sold along with the house.  So when a seller is looking to present their home for the market, it is important to recognize that there are many things about your day to day living that may not have broad appeal to everyone. 

This is not to say that these things are bad, but that they may be distracting from the main

Removing clutter and creating a good presentation is key for a distraction-free showing.

 purpose that the buyer is there, which is to look at the house.  When a prospective buyer is walking through the home, they are trying to look at it in their minds eye on how it would look with their things in it. 

Anything which distracts from this is what one could call a ‘point of distraction’.  One wants to remove points of distraction from their home when placing the home on the market.  Remember, you are trying to remove distractions and make your home attractive.  Making sure things are clean is just part of it. 

Keeping the home clean and clutter-free will improve your chances of selling your home.

Realize they are not there to look at your things, but to look at the house and envision their things in it.  So anything that presents a point of distraction, or hides elements of the house should be removed whenever possible. 

You as the seller are probably planning on moving some things into storage anyway, so why not walk through the home with your Realtor in advance of putting it on the market, and get their perspective on what are points of distraction? 

An experienced Realtor has showcased many homes, and usually will be able to point out things to you that you may not be seeing.  Additionally, there is a professional called a ‘Stager’ that you might consider consulting, whose job is to do this very thing: Remove distractions and make your home attractive. 

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Getting advice from an experienced Realtor and/or Home Staging Professional can improve your chances of selling your home.

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