Southwest Michigan Realtor

By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Preparing for Winter in Southwest Michigan


Preparing a home for winter in Southwest, Michigan often means consulting with experts.

If you have a second home in Southwest, Michigan, and it is time for you to move back South to a warmer climate, then you will not be unfamiliar with the need to prepare your home for the coming winter before you depart the area.  Here in the North, we call it ‘Winterization’ and it refers to doing the things necessary to your home to prepare it for the colder months of snow and ice.

Winterization involves draining the water heater, pouring anti-freeze in the drains and so much more.  If you are not leaving your home for the winter, if can mean closing those windows that are troublesome, sealing those drafty windows with added insulation or digging out the storm windows from the garage and mounting them in place.  It can also involve the cleaning of gutters, and simple changing of furnace filters. 

It is always best to consult winterization experts on what to do to make sure your home is ready.  I suggest contacting local heating contractors, as well as ones who specialize in energy efficiency.  If you have a pool or sprinkler system, you will want to make sure those are properly readied as well.  Calling a specialty contractor or installer on those may be needed as well.

Autumn is the time to think about preparing your home for winter in Southwest, Michigan.

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