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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Purchasing a House in Bellevue, Michigan


In the Northeast corner of Calhoun County there is an area that is popular with homebuyers on the quest to purchase a home, and that is Bellevue, Michigan.  Purchasing a house in Bellevue, Michigan places you in an accessible location between Battle Creek, Marshall and Olivet, and gives you access on I-69 to Lansing if you need it. 

Bellevue, Michigan is a accessible to Battle Creek, Marshall and Olivet.

A few things to consider when purchasing a house in Bellevue, Michigan is that the city is located in Eaton County, but part of the village are located in Calhoun County.  This being the case, it depends on which section of Bellevue you select that will determine which County you have to work with in terms of well and septic inspection requirements. 

Barry County has merged with Eaton County on their health department regulations, and both require that a passing well and septic inspection be done on any property before a new deed can be recorded. 

Bellevue, Michigan homes are sometimes on well and septic and also in 2 counties.

So what does this means when purchasing a house in Bellevue, Michigan?   Simply this: if you buy in Barry or Eaton County, this requirement will kick in.  If you buy in Calhoun, it is not a mandatory, although it is sometimes called for by a lender or loan program, it can become optional inspection for the buyer. 

So when working with first time home buyers who are interested in purchasing a house in Bellevue, Michigan, I make sure explain this difference to them.  This usually inspires them to want to look at the home in Calhoun County portion first.   

Not all homes in Bellevue are on well and septic, and parts of the main village do have city water and sewer.   Properties just outside of the village often will have well and village sewer, or the reverse.  The residential population in Bellevue, Michigan according to the 2000 U.S. Census was 1365 people.   So essentially, this is a smaller community.   

If you are interested in purchasing a house in Bellevue, Michigan, I am a local Realtor and have sold many homes in all three Counties that surround Bellevue.  I can be reached at: 269-441-8182 or by contacting me through my website at:  I look forward to helping you with the best deals on purchasing a house in Bellevue, Michigan.

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