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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan


Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan is in demand for first time home buyers in Barry, Kalamazoo, Calhoun, Branch and St. Joseph Counties.  These are all Counties that I

Most rural homes are on a well and septic system in Southwest Michigan.

cover as a Realtor in the area of this part of Michigan. 

What is the appeal of Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan?  The popular appeal for many buyers is to get away from the city for a life of quiet.    What many new buyers do not realize is that Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan, as with any rural area, have their own details unique to this life that one does not come across on the city. 

The main difference is in utilities, when it comes to living in Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan.  Let’s look at a comparison of each.  Water: in the City, you have city water lines running into your house.  In the country you have well water, so the water essentially comes in from the ground through your well pump.  Wells require care annually, even if they are in constant use.  It is recommended that you get the water tested each year, especially for bacteria and nitrates. 

Rural Homes have a high appeal to buyers seeking the quiet of the countryside.

A failed bacteria test could mean that the system needs cleaning, usually with bleach and other special well cleaning products.  Nitrates can seep into well water from chemicals in nearby agriculture fields, etc.  You may need to consult the County environmental Health Department to find the best resolution for this problem, if you test and find a high concentration level of these chemicals in the well.

A very important thing to remember with Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan, or any rural property, is that wells run on electricity.  So, if there is a power outage in the area, frequently the rural areas have power restored last, due to the power companies priorities on restoring power to the largest groups of people first.  That usually places Rural Homes at the bottom of the list.  So a prolonged power outage means no water as well. 

So when acquiring Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan it is always recommended that a back-up generator is acquired in the event of such an occurrence. 

Most rural homes are eiligible for USDA Rural Development loan programs.

With sources of heat, natural gas does not always run out to Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan, so alternative fuel sources like propane and oil are common.  These can sometimes be more expensive than natural gas, especially if the house has poor energy efficiency. 

So there are some differences to take into account when seeking to buy Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan.  If any of these issues are not to your liking, then perhaps this type of property is not the best choice for you.  However, one of the better loan programs currently for first time home buyers is the USDA Rural Development residential loan program, and it allows for 100% financing. 

To find out more about this program, you can visit my website at: and see the links I have there.  Rural Homes in Southwest Michigan often offers beautiful quiet settings, and low noisy vehicle traffic, which is perhaps the greatest appeal.  Working with a Realtor that knows the area, and is familiar with rural property is essential to getting you the right property.

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