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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Rural Properties and the American Dream


Rural properties seem at times to be interwoven in the fabric of the American Dream.  So many times I receive phone calls from people that are seeking to buy their first home, and many times they originate they want to be more out in the country and have some land. 

Perhaps there is still a ripple of the explorer or pioneer in all of us, and this has a lot to do

Rural properties have long been an attaction for first time home buyers.

 with rural properties and the American Dream.  There are certain types of buyers that were raised on a farm, and are seeking to get into the business themselves.  This might be classified as a business minded buyer.  What I most often run into is the first time home buyer who has their vision of rural properties and the American Dream all ties in together. 

The new prospective home buyer is seeking the rural setting for peace and quiet and privacy most often.  There are a few things in today’s real estate market that make this type of property more affordable, and one of those key factors is the USDA Rural Development loan program for single family homes. 

Rural properties offer a sense of peace and quiet that one does not often have in the city.

It allows a first time home buyer to purchase a home with 100% financing, and no down payment.  It also offers a low interest rate that makes it affordable.  The property must qualify in terms of location as a rural property in order to be made eligible for this financing, and so the official USDA maps must be consulted to see if the home is located in a defined rural area. 

Working with an experienced Realtor in this program can help you identify properties that qualify for this program and exclude those that do not in your home search, if that is the loan program you are seeking to use. 

Embracing rural properties and the American Dream most often means the home is somewhat removed from urban areas, and quite often is on its own water supply through a well, and its own sewage disposal system called a septic.  These systems will have to be inspected as part of the loan approval process on USDA Rural Development.

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Rural homes are interwoven into the fabric of the American Dream.

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