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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Selling Your Home in Battle Creek, Michigan


Selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan can be challenging if the home is not marketed or price properly. Working with a Realtor that knows the market area, and has a good understanding of many different approaches to marketing is essential to your success.

Selling Your Home in Battle Creek, Michigan requires traditional and modern methods of online marketing.

As a Realtor in the Battle Creek, Michigan area, I have sold many homes for sellers looking to move on for whatever reason. Some sellers need to downsize, others need to find something larger and still others are just trying to get out of a bad situation. Sometimes people experience life changing events in their lives, such as job loss, death of a spouse or even divorce that greatly impact their ability to remain in the home. Whatever the reason, or the circumstances, it is important to have a sound approach to getting the home sold when putting it on the market.

Selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan requires more today than just putting a sign in the yard, distributing flyers and running print advertising. The market has changed in the world of buyers in the last 5 to 10 years. Distribution of local newspapers in many areas, Battle Creek included, has been greatly reduced in recent years. The printed home buyer’s guide that used to cover Calhoun County has been merged in an effort to cut costs for the distributor to include both Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties. Its weekly distribution was reduced to every two weeks a few years ago, and most recently changed to once a month. So this is not as popular a source of selling a home as it was just 5 years ago as just one example on this.

So what does it take to go about selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan?It takes

Marketing with a comprehensive online marketing plan is essential to get more exposure for your home to prospective buyers.

working with a Realtor that will not only do the traditional methods of print advertising, flyers and the sign in the yard. Selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan requires getting your home out there where buyers are looking and shopping: the Internet. And when I say ‘internet’ I do not mean just putting it out there on the Multiple Listing Service, and having it exported to the dozens of listing conglomerate sites out there. These things should be done, but they are still somewhat of a traditional method.

What I have found works is to get the home written about in blogs that I write, and make these known on social medial lines such as Facebook and Twitter. Further, making a video with a good presentation about the home, and uploading and promoting it on YouTube is also a must. Tying in all of these forms of social media together to draw a higher level of exposure for the home is important. Putting it out there where someone may search for it on Google, or Yahoo is equally important.

My website is a vehicle for buyers and sellers in Real Estate.

Buyers of the modern day are searching 90 to 95% of their time online these days, as opposed to just 10 to 15% a decade ago. Traditional methods are giving way to the internet age, and although they serve their purpose to draw some buyers to the home, they are not the only one a seller should concentrate on.

So when I take the approach to selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan, I use a formula that goes somewhat like this: 25% the traditional methods, 30% the online listing promotion traditional methods and 45% social media through blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Click here to see my Facebook business page. Click here to see my Twitter page. Click here to see my website at, where I have a list of my various blogs in the right hand column near the top. You can also take a look at my Youtube channel where I not only promote the properties I am selling, but I also educate buyers on how to buy a home in the area.

As always, if you are interested in selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan or anywhere in Southwest Michigan, give me a call at: 269-441-8182 or contact me through my website.


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