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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Selling Your Home in Battle Creek Michigan


Selling Your Home in Battle Creek Michigan

Selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan in the present market environment can be a challenge.  However, selling your home in Battle Creek, Michigan is possible.  I can mean that new marketing approaches need to be tried, and most likely they do.  Sometimes it can mean examining new ideas about how you sell the home, or offer some additional buyer incentives to see your home and make an offer.

Traditional methods of print advertising and open houses should not be discounted, however, one cannot overlook the importance of having a strong online campaign to draw attention to your listing.  There is more to online marketing than just placing it on a local mutliple listing service. 

I have taken to making videos of the homes I am marketing for my clients, as the present day home buyer is looking online most of the time in search of a new home.  Having them see some quality videos of the home are key to raising their interest, and getting them in the door for a closer look.  This all ties in with traditional methods, as it provides a road map to directing the people to the home for a showing.

In addition to a video presentation, it is important to have a Realtor that help you utilize the power of social media and blogging to get the home additional exposure.  Tying in video marketing with all the aspects of blogging, and social media is the new effective way to increase exposure for your home above the competition.  Being that most homeowners are not doing this to a full extreme, if you have a Realtor that can pull all of these elements together it can give you the greater edge in the marketplace. 

For more information on selling your home in Battle Creek, watch this video I have put together below.  You can also visit my website at:

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