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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Some Advice for the Fall in Michigan


The change of color in the leaves is a good reminder for preparing your home for winter.

I thought I would put together some advice for the fall season in Michigan.  Fall is a great time of year, as the weather begins to get a little colder, and the leaves begin to turn color.  It is a true spectacle of nature, but also a good time to start preparing your home for the winter months. 

The first thing to address is water lines.  Do you have any outdoor water lines that need to be shut off for the winter?  This can include outdoor faucets, sprinkler systems and swimming pool lines.  With sprinkler systems, it is a good standard action to have the lines blown out with air to prevent freezing. 

This time of year is not only about raking the leaves in the yard, but one should also make sure the gutters are cleaned.  Leaves have a remarkable way of finding their ways into the gutters and clogging them.   Trimming bushes and trees that go dormant this time of year is also a good strategy before winter.  If you have any outdoor vegetables, you will need

Leaves find their way into gutters and exterior vent pipes, so Fall is a good season to get these cleaned.

 soon to do a final harvest.  Checking exterior vents on your house to make sure that there is no debris clogging them that could cause problems with your furnace or dryer vent is a good tip as well, because these can easily freeze. 

Another important thing to check this time of year is that all windows are property closed and sealed for the winter.  Making sure that storm windows are also on, and in correctly in place is also important to reduce heating bills.  Checking weather stripping around doors, and also making sure your attic is properly insulated is another step that can help reduce heating bills. 

Red hues in Piper Park in Battle Creek, Michigan

If you use a wood burning fireplace, remember to not store wood too close to you house to prevent infestation.  I hope some of these tips will be useful. 

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Traveling Southwest Michigan's back roads in fall offers a beautiful display of color.

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