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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

The Linear Path in Battle Creek, Michigan


The Linear Path follows the river as it leaves Bailey Park in Battle Creek, Michigan

In Battle Creek, Michigan there is a walking, running and biking trail that totals about 15+ miles that runs throughout the city starting on the outskirts at Dickman Road.  It is called the Linear Path, or ‘Linear Park’

The Linear Path is a paved road that crosses through neighborhoods, over rail road tracks, follows road ways, and goes through over seven separate city parks.  There are bridges, boardwalks and even overlooks when near the rivers. 

It follows along both the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek rivers at various points along the way, offering great places to fish, picnic or simply enjoy the peaceful setting.  The Linear Path travels through both urban and suburban areas of the city, but also has its sections that offer seclusion and a quiet enjoyment of nature. 

If you are looking at the map provided on the City parks and recreation website, you might

Motor vehicles are not permitted on the Linear Path anywhere along its length.

find it a little difficult to locate the trailhead off of Dickman Road.  I actually went looking for it recently, and it was not well marked.  It took me quite some time to find it, and it is in fact actually in Springfield at the corner of Brady Road and Dickman. 

The map indicates parking is available there, but it is limited and may be partially on a private lot.  However on a weekend, or evening in the summer, you should have no trouble parking there. 

The trail actually continues along Dickman road from there to the Fort Custer Memorial Cemetery, and ends at its entrance.  However, that path along Dickman is a little rough at points, and does not offer much in the way of scenery.  The direction you will want to go is towards downtown Battle Creek, which is 6.5 miles following the Linear Path from that point. 

Being that the trail goes passes through downtown, this makes for a nice bike ride and give one a place to go have lunch along the way.  The Linear Path is a great asset to the Battle Creek community, and there are plans to expand it further towards the south in the future, following Helmer Road.

The Linear Path is a great place to walk, run or bicycle year round.

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