Southwest Michigan Realtor

By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

The Southwest Michigan Countryside


As a Realtor that sells property in an eight County area, I frequently find myself

A road on my travels coming back from Delton, Michigan.

traveling the back roads. In the Southwest Michigan countryside we have our many rolling hills, curvy roads, and wildlife and pot holes to add to the excitement on a day when you are running a tight schedule pushing deadline appointments.

Then there is the weather, which adds its wonderful element of surprise from heavy rain storms, to frozen roads and snow storms. It may sound odd, but somehow I like traveling around looking at property in all the nooks and crannies of the Southwest Michigan countryside.

I typically will find myself most often in Calhoun, Barry and Kalamazoo Counties, however,

An old truck I drove by that was parked in a field in Barry County this past Spring.

 my travels frequently take me to Branch, St. Joseph, Hillsdale, Eaton and even Jackson Counties in any given month. I log a lot of miles on my van, and I bounce around on a lot of surprise potholes, now and again. It is not uncommon to see deer, water fowl, foxes, rabbits and even wild turkey in many of the places I go.

Then there are the domestic animals like horses, sheep, cows and the occasional country dog. I have head to head stand offs with large dogs in my van before,

A hot summer dip for one pig in Branch County.

and on one occasion, a lazy cow took his grand old time getting out of the road. So running about the Southwest Michigan countryside, despite the many adventures and climate related excitement, there is always the beautiful scenery that many do not pause to admire.

I have grown accustomed to taking my camera with me when I go out on assignments to look at property, or make my way to an appointment with a client. The Southwest Michigan countryside grows on you, and it is hard not to admire its hidden beauty.

I hope you have enjoyed some of my photos in this posting in my first blog entry of the ‘Southwest Michigan Realtor Blog’.

Waterfowl in Waterfront Plaza in Allegan, Michigan near the downtown area.

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