Southwest Michigan Realtor

By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

The Unplowed & The Unshoveled


The unplowed and the un-shoveled driveways and sidewalks of a Michigan winter can create a challenge when showing houses. Fortunately this year the snow has not been extremely deep, but there are some winters I remember that tested ones stamina.

Snow is a fact of life in Michigan during winter.

Tromping across a lawn in the general direction of the front porch of a house that has not seen a shovel or a rock of salt all winter in the middle of January or February can wear on you for sure. I tend to wear snow boots and warm socks as a priority on such days when I am going to be out showing houses. It is inevitable in this current market that one or more of the homes we look at is going to be vacant and untended.

I call it the challenge of the unplowed and the un-shoveled. The fact is that many foreclosed homes do not always have a company keeping the property plowed, and walkways shoveled. Some do, but a lot do not. The same would go for most any vacant home, especially when there is no one looking after the place.

It is a good idea in the months of heavy snow, from December to March and sometimes

Snow is sometimes a cause for delay in showing houses, but it is only a temporary barrier.

 April to plan on wearing snow boots, or some other kind of warm footwear when going to look at properties. Keeping ones feet warm is often 90% of the trick to staying warm overall I have found.

I also recommend to clients that they place their pant leg inside their boot, as it reduces damp clothing when jumping back in the car and moving from house to house. It will also keep you from staining your clothes with the salt that is mixed in with the snow at the curb.

Another point of advice I have learned it that even if a walkway is shoveled, be cautious of black ice.

On mornings where temperatures fall and create ice, this is especially important. In those instances, it is better to avoid the sidewalks, and walk through the snow.

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