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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Waiting for Flowers in Southwest Michigan


In these final chilly days of the remains of winter hanging on, as the calendar crosses into officially spring, I find myself waiting for flowers in Southwest Michigan.  To me seeing the first blossoms of tulips and daffodils is the true message to me that winter has gone to sleep until next year. 

I am trying to be patient as I wait for flowers in Southwest Michigan.

I still have painfull memories of snow from just a few weeks ago, and with the evening chill in the air, I have reached that point as many Michiganders do this time of the year when we are almost screaming at the flowers to emerge from the ground.  At least in our hearts and souls we scream that is.  I am waiting for flowers in Southwest Michigan.

To make this blog more of a vanguard for the coming spring, I have inserted flower photos into this article of prior springs in Michigan.  I need to remind myself from time to time that these are not forgotten memories, and indeed soon at some future date I will be able to walk outside without a wool coat and gloves.  That the days of snow and mud will truly be gone, at least for a long while, and I can look fowards to walks in the park on warm summer days.

So bear with me as I scream at the tulip buds to ‘Hurry Up!’ when I see them perking their

I am really trying to be patient as I wait for the flowers... really...

 lazy heads through last autumns leaves along side my driveway muddy with melted snow.  In my heart of hearts, I want to roar at the trees and say ‘Wake up early for once’ and show some leaves. 

I know it is still March, and in May I will look back at this post and wonder what possessed me to write it.  However, tonight it is chilly, and there are no leaves on the trees and only tiny green heads of tomorrows flowers emerging ever so slowly outside.  I will try to be patient, and continue my waiting for flowers in Southwest Michigan.

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for flowers in Southwest Michigan...

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