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By Michael Delaware, REALTOR®

Winter in Southwest Michigan


Winter in Southwest Michigan is a unique time of year.  Some aspects of our change of lifestyle with this shift in the season effects many industries, including Real Estate.  An outsider might assume that winter in Southwest Michigan or in Michigan period must mean a slow down time for the economy, etc. 

Winter in Southwest Michigan is a time of activity.

Perhaps this is a Southern perspective of the Northern States, believing that we hibernate in our dwellings, and huddle near a roaring fireplace and do not start moving again until spring.  I know when I lived in the South, and I would encounter a Northerner, discussions would lead to the harsh winter climate and my perspective was such. 

However, having lived now in Michigan for 10+ years, I can tell anyone that this perception is quite false.  In fact, I would say the opposite is true.  Spring and summer in the North tend to be a distraction, and I find that most people get back to focusing on the business of living during the winter in Southwest Michigan

The colder weather tends to bring consistent gray skies, colder days, and shorter daylight.

Winter is a great time to buy a home.

  We find ourselves compressing more into our shorter days.  As a Realtor in Southwest Michigan, I find myself compressing more time for showing homes to clients into the shorter daylight hours, and processing administrative duties during the evenings. 

I find I often write more contracts after dark, or and show homes during someone’s lunch hour, or weekend.  The interest in improving their lives increases when weather gets colder and snow is on the ground. 

Renters look at their drafty rental home, and look into to becoming homeowners.  Families with children off school for the summer, are suddenly back to business of making changes during the winter months when the kids are in school.  Summer in Michigan sends people outdoors to enjoy camping; boating and golfing and leisure time become a focus. 

In the winter in Southwest Michigan, as a Realtor that services several counties, I find people are more active than less active, and usually more serious about buying a home.  So if you are looking for a home in Southwest Michigan, and would like to get a great deal, contact me through my website at: or call me direct at: 269-441-8182.

Winter in Southwest Michigan is a great time to sell a home, as the buyers are more serious.

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